Coming Soon: Brave CX

Brave CX is a Radiologist workflow optimisation tool that detects the likelihood of abnormal findings on Chest X-Rays. It uses Deep Learning to identify the probability of abnormal radiological signs, enabling operator review prioritisation.


For clinicians by clinicians

Brave CX was developed by clinicians for clinicians.

Enhanced quality control checks that ensure safety and optimal performance


Comprehensive assessment of radiological abnormalities


RIS integration for seamless workflows

AI for Chest X-Rays 

Brave CX uses deep learning to detect the likelihood of chest X-Ray abnormalities

AI models trained on over 1,000,000 chest X-Rays.


High-quality ground truths annotated by board-certified NHS Radiologists.


The AI generates a score which reflects the likelihood that an X-Ray may be abnormal.

Images in the training set and growing

Workflow Optimisation

Brave CX performs systematic analysis of chest X-Rays, allowing human operators to prioritise their worklists.

Flexible Deployment

Flexibility is at the core of our technology. Brave CX exposes highly-scalable APIs that enable either cloud or standalone deployment.

The cloud implementation offers flexible data privacy within your network. Designed for customers who want to realise the benefits of cloud computing – maximum flexibility, scalability and reliability, with instant upgrade access.

An on-premise deployment option allows for customer specific data processing and storage requirements. For customers who need a secure on-site solution with complete control of the IT infrastructure.