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About GeneProfiler

Microarray analysis often requires specialist bioinformatics training and can be a daunting task.

GeneProfiler is an easy, interactive, and cost-effective tool for life scientists that wish to quickly identify compelling targets from microarray experiments.

By uploading your data to GeneProfiler, you will receive a link to your interactive report consisting of differentially expressed genes along with associated functions, processes, pathways, and regulatory connections.

You can also enhance your publications with downloadable high-quality figures and tables.


  • Easy
    • Quickly identify biologically sound targets through an intuitive web-based interface.
  • Interactive
    • Take control of your results using interactive visualization tools.
  • Sophisticated
    • Carry out state-of-the-art bioinformatics using GeneProfiler’s industry-standard tools for accurate and reliable microarray analysis.
  • Cost-effective
    • Save time and resources by quickly identifying testable hypotheses without engaging in complex statistics.

Differential Expression Analysis

GeneProfiler’s differential expression analysis pipeline automates gold-standard statistical approaches in array analysis.

Features include:

  • Microarray quality control
  • Automated and unbiased identification of differentially expressed genes.
  • Interactive exploration of the most interesting genes

Functional Enrichment

GeneProfiler identifies over-represented pathways and biological processes inherent to your dataset. We use Reactome and Gene Ontology databases, curated and peer-reviewed sources, to highlight the most important features of your experiment. Sophisticated and interactive visualization allows you to systematically explore the complex hierarchy of function.

Network Analysis

The latest advancements in network biology are applied to your dataset to computationally infer perturbed cellular networks in your experiments. Results can be explored interactively to generate working hypothesis to drive experimental research.

Reporting System

Access and share publication-ready figures, tables, and methods. GeneProfiler reports are readily incorporated into a working manuscript and are prepared for dissemination.

July 2014

Bering's GeneProfiler was recently highlighted in a large-scale study of transcriptional networks in Small Intestinal Neuroendocrine Tumours (SI NET). Results show that SI NETs may consist of two different subtypes, serotonin-producing neoplasms and serotonin/substance P/tachykinin lesions.

Gene network-based analysis identifies two potential subtypes of small intestinal neuroendocrine tumors

Tumor transcriptomes contain information of critical value to understanding the different capacities of a cell at both a physiological and pathological level. In terms of clinical relevance, they provide information regarding the cellular "toolbox" e.g., pathways associated with malignancy and metastasis or drug dependency... more

June 2014

Bering Limited launches GeneProfiler - an interactive microarray analysis platform for laboratory scientists.

Microarray analysis often requires specialist bioinformatics training and can be a daunting task. GeneProfiler is an easy, interactive, and cost-effective tool for life scientists that wish to quickly identify compelling targets from microarray.

Company Profile

Founded in 2010, Bering Limited provides technology for exploration and interpretation of high-throughput data. We work with life scientists to advance understanding of biological complexity. Our long-term aim is to convey innovation in computational biology to the biomedical community.

Bering Limited is registered in England and Wales. Registration number: 7415648. VAT number: GB120643258


Bering Limited is actively involved in systems biology research with academic and industry partners world-wide. Our collaborations span all domains of life science, resulting in high-profile publications and translation to preclinical and clinical trials.

Currently, our sophisticated technology and infrastructure can be integrated into academic settings, core labs, and industrial pipelines.


  • Researchers

    Save valuable resources by outsourcing your bioinformatics needs and take full advantage of innovative advancements in computational biology that enable discovery.

  • Core labs

    Deliver outstanding customer service by offering state-of-the-art analyses and easily interpretable results. Benefit from a web-based interface that is easily integrated into existing infrastructure.

  • Industry

    Enhance performance by eliminating bottlenecks associated with high-throughput R&D.