Advanced Clinical AI Solutions

We believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping make the World a better place. Our mission is to discover and create powerful technologies and bring them to people that need them the most.

What we Do

Creating products that “listen” to their users

A product that “listens to its end user” is at the core of our philosophy. We have adopted a user-driven co-design process that builds shared ownership and creates products that are used and loved by teams across a broad spectrum of health and care domains, including:

Clinical Decision Support


Medical Imaging


Precision Medicine


Population Health

R & D

We are committed to innovation and work with academic institutions worldwide to push the technical boundaries of machine learning, examine the ethics of mission-critical AI applications, and apply machine learning across multiple healthcare domains. Our team is dedicated to creating useful and safe AI technologies.

Machine Learning

Advanced Machine Learning models are at the heart of our products, enabling unprecedented levels of accuracy and health-economic value.

ML Ops

All our products are shipped using an in-house scalable Machine Learning Launchpad. This allows us to orchestrate, deploy, and monitor any AI service either on a personal device, on prem, or in the cloud.


Our Products


Brave AI - AI-augmented Population Health Management Platform


BraveCX - a comprehensive clinical decision support system for triage of frontal Chest X-Rays


Brave NGT - clinical decision support tool for NG Tube malposition detection